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Where to Play Bowling in LA

Don’t you want to celebrate an event or pass your evening at home? Bowling is a great way to pass the time for kids and adults. Check out the selection of the most popular and interesting places to play bowling in LA and book a lane for today’s evening.

Xlanes Family Entertainment Center

It is the right place to spend time with your family or friends. The interior brings the atmosphere of Las Vegas. Especially when led lighting is enabled.
These guys have different rates. So, you can pay per game or hour. Also, they offer VIP rooms for private parties. However, there are some requirements if you want to get a VIP room. For instance, the minimum rental time for all rooms is two hours.
Keep in mind that there is a dress-code. Also, Friday and Saturday evenings are for adults only.

Pinz Bowling Center

This place helps relax by throwing balls from 1955. Thought numerous renovations, this place is not the industry leader. However, it’s quite a good bowling center to hang out with friends or family. There are 32 lanes with plastic seats. Also, there are a lot of arcade machines.
If you don’t know what to do this evening, grab your soulmate and spend a great time together playing bowling. Unless you don’t have a partner, feel free to use the power of the Internet. There are a lot of dating platforms like Fling, that provide the ability to find a soulmate online. But, is Fling safe enough to meet people on the Web? Well, it’s not so hard to find an answer to this question. Explore the feedback from other users and come to a decision.

Pickwick Bowl

Are you looking for a nice place to play bowling with a family atmosphere and fair prices? Choose the Pickwick Bowl alley. It is a popular place that gathers a lot of people, especially in the evenings. The daylight interior at this place is calm and pleasant. In the evenings, neon lighting enables and brings the nightlife atmosphere.
Prices start from $40/hour, with up to 6 persons allowed. They are also good at events management. These guys know how to create a remarkable birthday party or a special gathering event.

Highland Park Bowl

This bowling alley will 100% impress you with its interior. These guys renovated the oldest bowling alley in LA. However, they didn’t simply build a new place. These guys improved this place by keeping the old-fashioned style and atmosphere. It can be called a museum of bowling that doesn’t forbid to play.
Moreover, there are live music performances that make this alley one of the best places if you’re looking for new emotions. Prices start at $40 per lane, with up of 8 guests per lane allowed. Note if you want to book a lane in advance, you need to pay a $20 reservation fee.

Interesting Fact about Bowling

Do you know where American Presidents play bowling? Well, there are two bowling lanes in the White House. So, if you’re a fan of bowling and want to have a bowling lane that is always reserved for you only, try to win the next presidential elections.

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